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Getting Bigger and Badder with Hordes: Gargantuans

HordesGargantuansAs if you didn’t have enough monstrosities to keep your table top busy, Privateer Press is bringing massive new figures to the Hordes battlefield with Gargantuans. As we reported in our interview with Lyle Lowery back at the 2012 Gen Con, these huge new minis are making their appearances in the Hordes and War Machine systems. Launching in March you’ll be able to get your hands on Hordes: Gargantuans which includes rules for new models, warlocks, and force lists.

The supplement will be available as a softcover or hardcover with prices of $34.99 and $44.95 respectively. Both editions run a 160 page count and will be overflowing with full color photography to inspire your painting!

The first of the Gargantuan models will also release in March as well: The Skorne Mammoth!

Jeff McAleer

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