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Grab the Revised Issue Zero of ‘The Arkham Gazette’ Free

The Arkham Gazette #0 (Sentinel Hill Press)You might recall I really enjoyed the third issue of The Arkham Gazette – check out the review here – which tackled witches and witchcraft in Call of Cthulhu. Now the fine folks at Sentinel Hill Press have revised the first issue of the Gazette (even though it’s considered number zero) for the new edition of the RPG and are making it available as a completely free download.

Issue zero of The Arkham Gazette discusses the Aylesbury Pike, a fictional road connecting Aylesbury (thus the name) and Arkham, Massachusetts. Winding its way alongside the Miskatonic River, the pike can be the scene of plenty of Mythos mystery and adventure in your game sessions.

Chaosium has indicated the newly revamped issue has been updated to the current game format, the articles within have been revised, two pieces of artwork by Galen Pejeau added, and a new article has been included as well. There are even 7th edition CofC conversion notes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lovecraft Country, harvesting some adventure seeds, and scoring a complete scenario be sure to grab the special free issue now.

Contents of the 43 page issue include:

Contents include:

  • New place: The Amos-Goodrich Cemetery
  • New England’s Highways, an introduction
  • A History of the Aylesbury Pike
  • New person: Curtis Sloan, “Encyclopedia Salesman”
  • A Guide to New England’s Petroglyphs and those found in Lovecraft Country
  • A short encounter – Mr. Picket Goes a Huntin’
  • **NEW** A scenario seed – The Phantom of the Aylesbury Pike
  • SCENARIO: “The Chapochaug Tunnel Haunting”
  • An annotated list of scenarios set on or near (or are otherwise connected to) the Aylesbury Pike.
Jeff McAleer

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