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Hardcover ‘Things from the Flood’ RPG Arrives June 25th

Things from the Flood (Free League)The follow up to the award winning hit RPG Tales from the Loop is finally arriving in hardcover from Free League Publishing and Modiphius Entertainment. Things from the Flood moves the action to the 1990’s and the player characters are now in their mind to late teens. I reviewed the corebook and found it just as nicely done as its predecessor. The 224 page hardcover will be available next week and carry an MSRP $45.99.

From Free League:

“It started on Christmas Day in 1994. Black water suddenly rose from the land, invading our homes and lives. They say it came from the depths inside the Loop. Whatever it was, the Flood changed everything. Nothing would ever be the same again.”

Welcome to Things From The Flood, Free League Publishing’s standalone sequel to the multiple award-winning Tales From The Loop RPG. Now, it’s time to return to the Loop and continue the story. In Things From The Flood, you play Teens in the 1990s—a decade of change and disaster. You’re still balancing day-to-day life while solving exciting mysteries with your friends. But this is a darker time, and the stakes are much higher.

Its the ’90s, and the once mighty Loop has been shut down, the experiment abandoned, and the land bought by Krafta, a powerful corporation. You are no Kids anymore, but Teens trying to find your way in a decade of change—both within and around you. The Flood has transformed the once pastoral islands into a dark marshland. Some say that the dark water Things from the Flood Interior Page (Free League)pouring out of the ground comes from within the Loop itself. Machines are afflicted by a strange virus turning them unreliable and dangerous. Still, your lives go on as before. You go to school, fall miserably in love, try to do everything possible to fend off boredom. When you hear about other teens going missing, and even turning up dead, you realize it’s time to gather the group again.

Sci-fi artist Simon Stålenhag’s paintings of Swedish 1990s suburbia, populated by fantastic machines and strange beasts, have won global acclaim. Now, you can step into the amazing world of the Loop.

Key features:

• Create your unique player character, including skills, items, prides, problems, and relationships in mere minutes.
• Explore the secrets of the Loop in the Swedish Mälaren Islands, or in Boulder City, Nevada.
• Investigate mysteries using the fast and effective rules of the award-winning Year Zero game engine.
• New rules for scars and death—the stakes are higher and the risks greater.
• Play the four complete scenarios included, tied together into a campaign called “Prophets of Pandora.”

Jeff McAleer

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