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July to Bring the Lion Rampant: Second Edition from Osprey Games

Lion Rampant: Second Edition (Osprey Games)This summer will see the release of a new edition of the Lion Rampant skirmish miniatures rules from Osprey Games. This new book promises the same award nominated gameplay alongside addition rules, army lists, and the era of the Dark Ages. The 208 page hardcover will carry an MSRP of $30.00 when it arrives July 21st.

About the book:

An expanded edition of the Origins Award-nominated Lion Rampant, featuring new rules, scenarios, and sample armies.

Take to the battlefield as Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc or William Wallace – or forge your own legend – with Lion Rampant: Second Edition. From the Dark Ages to the Hundred Years’ War, raids, skirmishes, and clashes between small retinues were a crucial part of warfare, and these dramatic small-scale battles are at the heart of this easy-to-learn but tactically rewarding wargame.

Lion Rampant: Second Edition is a new, updated version of the hit Osprey Wargames series title, and retains the core gameplay while also incorporating a wealth of new rules and updates from several years’ worth of player feedback and development. Whether they are looking to recreate historical encounters or tell their own stories, the varied scenarios, unit types, and sample retinue lists found in this volume provide everything players need to face each other in quick, exciting, and, above all, fun tabletop battles.

“This second edition of Lion Rampant is expanded to cover the Dark Ages as well as the Medieval period, so you have a good excuse to buy more miniatures! I’ve also added extra scenarios and expanded the campaign ideas, given greater details for terrain, included a chapter of optional rules for more period flavour, and provided some new unit upgrades. The core rules have a few updates, but it’s still Lion Rampant as you know it – something that was very important to me is that any army you raised for the first edition is still playable using this new edition.” – Daniel Mersey

Jeff McAleer

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