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Level 7 (Omega Protocol) Coming This Fall

Level7 OP PlaytestFollowing up on the success of their Gen Con 2012 release of Level 7 (Escape) comes a new Privateer Press title this Fall, Level 7 (Omega Protocol). The game will pick up the Level 7 storyline right after the events in Escape. In Omega Protocol three to six players will carry on the military operations of an Elite Special operations team while one of the players takes the role of Overseer handling the alien infestation of the Subterra Bravo complex.

From Privateer:

LEVEL 7 [Omega Protocol] picks up right where LEVEL 7 [Escape] left off. The Subterra Bravo facility has been thrown into chaos through the actions of the players in Escape, and now the government has sent in a top-secret, highly-trained special forces unit to shut down the facility and eliminate everything remaining in the base.

In Omega Protocol, one player takes on the role of the Overseer while two to five other players take on the role of the elite Special Ops team. The Overseer’s role in the game is to control all of the alien denizens and challenges the players face throughout the game. The players are trying to achieve specific scenario-based objectives by exploring a map that’s laid out at the start and fighting off the hordes of aliens that the Overseer sends their way.

Gameplay is based around adrenalin, which is the currency that the soldier players use to perform actions. They generate adrenaline to do things such as move, attack, and perform special actions like activating an objective space. That generation also has a negative effect for them, as that adrenalin transfers over to the Overseer player. The Overseer then uses it to spawn aliens, to create new threats, and to hurt the soldiers’ chance of success during the scenario. The more actions the Special Ops players take, the more resources the Overseer player has to work with.

Characters in Omega Protocol are represented by miniatures, and each Special Ops and alien character has different attributes, powers, and customizable skills and equipment.

Jeff McAleer

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