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Monster Fight Club Metropolis Scenery Kickstarter Enters Final Hours

Only a few hours remain to back this impressive project

Monster Fight Club is getting ready to wrap their second gaming terrain Kickstarter and this does look mighty impressive. The Monster Scenery: Metropolis project takes on the urban environment with a trio of different styled buildings perfect for your modern or near future skirmish level miniatures gaming. You have a multitude of options with this Kickstarter but you can score digital files, to print out your own buildings, for a $40.00 pledge or receive physical building components beginning at the $100.00 pledge level through July 9th. The project is nearly 300% funded and expected delivery is this December.

From Monster Fight Club:

An interesting gaming terrain Kickstarter is nearing the end of it’s run for Monster Fight Club and here’s the dope on Monster Scenery: Metropolis.

From the mean streets of New York to far-flung colonies of the future, cities are centers of adventure, conflict, and battle.  Cities are where wars are started, fought, and ended!

After the success of the first Monster Scenery Kickstarter featuring trees, hills, and other natural scenery, Monster Fight Club is ready to present its second Monster Scenery campaign: modular city buildings!

There’s no paper or cardboard here – every wall is sturdy, tempered hardboard. Every wall is full color on both sides, with tough UV-cured inks that will look good for years to come. 

The walls fit snugly into detailed plastic corners, so you can assemble, disassemble, and reassemble your buildings quickly and easily. Their strength also means you can stack them to make multi-level buildings with playable balconies and roofs.  

If you want to take your games inside the buildings, have no fear!  The roofs and floors are removable to create lots of playable interior spaces: perfect for roleplaying games and skirmish miniature games!

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