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New Tunnels & Trolls Solo Adventure Dark Temple is Available in PDF

Flying Buffalo Games has released the latest T&T adventure

Tunnels & Trolls: Dark Temple (Flying Buffalo Games)The latest solitaire adventure for Tunnels & Trolls is available from Flying Buffalo Games. Dark Temple tasks the player with recovering the Phoenix Scroll while also keeping the artifact out of the hands of a mysterious cult. The 64 page adventure is available at DriveThruRPG for $4.25.

About the adventure:

While passing through the remote province of Myre, you find a pleasant inn to spend the night; a rarity in these parts. After a mug of cider and a half a roast fowl, you settle down for a relaxing evening.

Suddenly there is a pain-racked scream from just outside. You rush out of the Inn, only to find an older adventurer gasping for breath by the side of the road.
“The cultists!” He gasps, as his life ebbs away. “‘You have to finish my mission… Take this key and map, do whatever you have to, but stop them from getting the Phoenix Scroll!” Those are the last words he ever utters.

Looking at the map you can feel in your bones that it will be rough going. Even the terrain looks deadly. Somehow, you will have to find the Phoenix Scroll and hide it somewhere the cultists can not follow. But where to hide the scroll, and how do you even find it? Are the cultists truly evil? You met some of them in the Inn. They seemed nice enough. You do not have many answers, but all the roads lead to the Dark Temple.

This solitaire adventure is suitable for low & mid level humanoid characters, with adds of 10-75. Limited magic is allowed.

This is a solitaire adventure for Tunnels & Trolls. You need the T&T Rules to play it.

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