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Next Week Cast a Spell with Wizard Kittens

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Wizard Kittens (Magpie Games)A fun looking cooperative family card game is arriving next week from Magpie Games. In Wizard Kittens, each player takes the role of… you guessed it… a kitten who is also a wizard! The players need to team up to defeat six curses they’ve accidentally unleashed in a library before the librarian learns of the kittens’ shenanigans. The game is for two to four players, ages 7+, plays in 15-30 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $19.99.

From Magpie:

Wizard Kittens is a semi-cooperative set collection card game. Players are wizard kittens who have accidentally released a few curses from the library’s restricted section. Now they must defeat the curses before they’re caught by the librarian, Professor Whispurr.

Each turn plays quickly but offers interesting decisions, most often around which spell to use and how to use it. Spells allow kittens to draw extra cards, sling cards at other players, discard cards out of their own play areas, or trade any two cards in play. No player can use the same spell two turns in a row, either.

The game ends when either the last of the six curses is defeated, or when the Professor Whispurr card is drawn from the ritual component deck. If the kittens defeated the last curse, then they tally up points (including a secret objective Extra Credit card), and the highest score wins. If they are caught by Professor Whispurr, then the Cleanest Paws Clause applies. All kittens with 10 or more points lose, and from those who are left, the kitten with the fewest cards in their play area wins.

Wizard Kittens Layout (Magpie Games)


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