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Old School Game Hacks: The Boardgame Remix Kit

The book that can save you

So you went to visit your great-aunt Grimelda and forgot to bring your travel bag of games, did you? And then she invited you to stay for dinner and coffee? And you can’t leave because your mom told you she’d write you out of the will if you weren’t friendly to the rest of her relatives? The kids are antsy, your brother just pulled up, and Grimelda’s moving about as fast as Han Solo in carbonite, so you open her closet to see what games she has.


Clue. Life. Scrabble. Monopoly.

Aren’t you glad you downloaded The Boardgame Remix Kit to your mobile device?

Them’s Fightin’ Words (Scrabble)? Zombie Mansion (Clue)? Dadaist Pursuit (Trivial Pursuit)? Now if only you has something as interesting to add to Grimelda’s punch bowl.

Go check out this new, funky book from the UK that lets you hack old boardgames to come up with new games in the spirit of James Ernest’s Cheapass Games.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll certainly grab the iPad version. Old games don’t die,they just get repurposed.

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