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Old West Solitaire RPG The Drifter is Now Available in PDF

A small press release on DriveThruRPG which recently caught my eye is The Drifter from author Ken Kennedy. This solitaire RPG follows the story of a old western bandito who is looking to leave crime behind and retire as a rancher. Just how will you collect the $300 needed is up to you. The thing which really piqued my interest about this release is the comparison to 1980’s Barbarian Prince; a solitaire fantasy game I played a ton of as a kid. The Drifter clocks in at 240 pages and you can snag the PDF for $9.99.

About The Drifter:

The Drifter is a solitaire, story, dice game based in the fictional wild west.

You are a gunslinger who has been living a hazy existence.  Your brief time in this world has been mostly spent on the outside of the law, killing, stealing, carousing with undesirables,  living a dangerous life full of excess and violence. Recently, you feel life might have more to offer. You know this way of life will not last and now are looking to maybe put your wild ways away, buy a ranch and settle into obscurity.  You determined you need $300 and are willing to get it by any means you feel necessary.

The drifter is reminiscent of games like Barbarian Prince (1980), where every game is a unique story experience every time you play!

Will you fall victim to the endless dangers that lurk in the wild west or will you accumulate $300 and enjoy your remaining days in a serene retirement, tending to your ranch?

Find out in The Drifter.

Jeff McAleer

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  1. Thanks for the mention!
    The Drifter is my love letter to the western. Barbarian Prince was one of the first games to take my imagination to new places, as a young lad. In my mind, It only made sense to blend the two.
    I hope The Drifter captures that essence of high adventure, if just a little.

    Thanks again!

  2. The Drifter sounded really interesting, I’m definitely going to check it out.


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