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Cthulhu Mythos at DriveThruRPG
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This time around the show clocks in at a monster two plus hours! Don’t get too used to that long of a show but because we had loads to cover we just couldn’t fit it all into our normal sixty minute format. We have reviews of Popular Front and Last of the Independants from Numbskull Games, The Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game from FFG, and Betrayal at House on the Hill from Avalon Hill/Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro

Elliott also visits the Arkham Nights weekend at Fantasy Flight Games headquarters in Roseville, MN and gives us an in depth look at Mansions of Madness along with an interview with lead MoM designer Corey Konieczka!

All this plus The Gamer on the Plains, James Engelhardt, talks about horror in gaming and the latest goings on at the Owl House Game Day. We even have a few other surprises in store for you on episode two of The Gaming Gang!

Download the show to take it on the go right here!

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Two hours worth of show notes right here, people:

Thanks to Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer [1:45]

Call our voice mail! 480-779-1365 [2:25]

Elliott writes his own jingle [3:10]

Games Played [3:45]

  • Twilight Struggle
  • Game Meet-Up Games: Last of the Independents, Popular Front, Railways of the Word: The Cardgame

Start Your Own Gaming Group [9:24]

Restaurant/Bar considerations:

  • alcohol or not
  • table sizes
  • lighting
  • Talk to owner or site manager

Issues to emphasize:

  • normal folks
  • popular activity throughout the world, so there’s precedent
  • money to spend (remind group that purchasing food and drink is part of the game event)

Reviews! [12:30]

  • Popular Front [12:40]
  • (a brief Ghost Stories aside [12:50])
  • Last of the Independents [20:45]

James [27:45]

  • more thoughts on horror
  • Owl House Game Day games: Betrayal at House on the Hill, Lord of the Fries, Invasion From Outer Space: The Martian Game, Hey, That’s My Fish!, Qwirkle

Essen [38:17]

Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Nights in Roseville, Minnesota [39:15]

  • a Lovecraftian adventure starring Elliott Miller!

Corey Konieczka interview about the new Mansions of Madness [53:30]

Back to Jeff and Elliott [1:06:55]

Mountains of Madness—a detailed overview from Elliott [1:14:45]

Reviews Redux [1:36:45]

  • Betrayal at House on the Hill (new printing)

Thoughts on Gaming [1:51:55]

  • Horror and Suspense in RPGs, especially Call of Cthulhu

Winding Down [2:04:50]

  • Contest Winner: Kevin Glenlivey! A copy of High Society from Gryphon Games

Funagain Affiliate [2:06:15]

  • check-out with our code: GANG to let them know we sent you!

Check us out on Twitter, iTunes, and Facebook

Another Contest [2:06:50]

  • post an iTunes review, email us to let us know, and you’ll have a chance at Nomads of Arabia

Out [2:07:36]


  1. Just FYI, the itunes has the wrong url for this podcast. Looks like they have it as:

    • Looks like it is fixed now. Thanks!

  2. Another good podcast although I wish there had been more from Jeff and James. I almost felt like I was listening to the Elliott show.

  3. I know, even I was sick of me. It was just because I had a lot going on this time. Next time it will be back to a more even keel.

  4. Well, Elliott had all the goings on so there was the focus on Arkham Nights and Mansions of Madness. Next time around you’ll hear more from me, I promise!


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