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Out of the Park Baseball 14 Arrives April 15th

OOTP 14If you love games like APBA Baseball and long-time fan fav Strat-O-Matic Baseball then a must have title for your PC or Mac is Out of the Park Baseball. No game better simulates our national past-time than OOTP with options to play seasons of historical replays, fictional leagues, international action and more. You can even simulate the entire history of Major League Baseball to see how things could pan out differently – isn’t that what playing sports games are all about? Wonder how The Babe or Teddy Ballgame would fair against 2013 competition? Easily done! Simply import them into your current season database. What could Buster Posey or Josh Hamilton do against past greats like Walter Johnston, Bob Feller, or Whitey Ford? Find out with a few clicks of the mouse.

I’ve been playing OOTP for over a decade as I love the challenge taking the reins of the GM and Manager and guiding a franchise, as opposed to playing pitch by pitch console baseball. I’m not not knocking games which offer up a lot of eye candy but for my money nothing beats a good solid sim engine which provides real baseball numbers. Plus all the add-ons fans of the series create on a yearly basis brings the graphic look of the game to a whole new level as thousands of historical player photos, logos, jerseys and more are available to download. Don’t take my word OOTP is an awesome baseball game but listen to what long time OOTP fan and World Series champ Curt Schilling has to say. “OOTP is a modern day version of APBA, but better. Honestly, there is no comparison to any sports sim I’ve ever played, in any format. The depth to which you can dive, or not, is built to cater to the casual or the hardest of hardcore, with no reason to ever touch another game for either,” says Schilling. Curt’s even a frequent poster on the OOTP forums with his fictional Chicago Iron Pigs team.

This year’s edition of Out of the Park Baseball will officially be released for download April 15th but is available right now for $39.99 or, in other words, if you order it today you’ll be playing in just a few minutes!

From Out of the Park Developments:

OOTP LeagueOut of the Park Baseball 14 is the 2013 version of the best-selling and award-winning baseball simulation game.

Play with 2013 Major League rosters (including thousands of individually rated real players down to the low minor leagues, major league ratings are based on the accurate Baseball Prospectus PECOTA projection system), any historical replay season from 1871 to 2012, the complete history of baseball in career mode or simply a completely customizable fictional league, including great player photos utilizing the FaceGen engine!

New features include: Brand new player origin & development engine, improved trading, new real-time-simulation features, great new AI, multiple new screens & reports, more in-game and roster strategy options, better historical accuracy and much more!

In OOTP 14 you guide your team to glory. Set up your roster, trade players, draft the next superstar, negotiate with free agents, discover talent in the rule-5 draft, keep an eye on your minor leaguers, scout foreign countries or other leagues, it’s all here. On top of the GM features, OOTP sports a great baseball simulation engine with stunning statistical accuracy and extensive play-by-play. It is widely regarded as the most realistic baseball game available, by far! You call all the shots from the dugout and see the game unfold before your eyes.

If you are a baseball fan, you owe it to yourself to play Out of the Park Baseball 14!

Jeff McAleer

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