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Pathfinder Lost Omens: Impossible Lands Arrives in November

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Impossible Lands (Paizo Inc)Next month will see the release of a new Pathfinder supplement from Paizo Inc. Take to an all new region of Golarion filled with deadly dangers and weird sciences in Lost Omens: Impossible Lands. You can preorder the hardcover for $59.99 while the PDF will carry a $41.99 price tag when it arrives in November.

About the book:

Imagine the Impossible!

In a land still scarred by a war between two undying archmages and their respective nations, reality defies the rules binding the rest of the world. Cities crafted by wishes and fields harvested by the walking dead lay in between lands where magic warps and twists with an undefinable will. Explore the history of immortal wizard kings, wield explosive and unusual technology, and channel awe-inspiring legends in a region where the present is still haunted by the past, and echoes of destruction still shudder across the minds and souls of those who brave the Impossible Lands!

Written by: Mariam Ahmad, Saif Ansari, Alexandria Bustion, Basheer Ghouse, Michelle Jones, TJ Kahn, Matt Morris, Dave Nelson, Shiv Ramdas, Mikhail Rekun, Michael Sayre, Tan Shao Han, Ruvaid Virk, Jabari Weathers, and Brian Yaksha.

Jeff McAleer

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