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Pay What You Want for the No Artpunk Volume 1 OSR Adventure Collection

No Artpunk Volume 1 (PrinceofNothing)A new collection of old school RPG adventures is available, by way of a contest from blogger PrinceofNothing, and they focus on actual adventures rather than bizarre and off the wall art presentation. The No Artpunk Volume 1 is 145 pages chock full of OSR goodness. The PDF is PWYW at DriveThruRPG with a recommended payment of $10.00, which for the next couple of months will be donated to the Autism Research Institute and after that the collection will be free.

About the collection:

“The following is a compilation containing the eight best entries of the universally celebrated and critically-acclaimed No Artpunk competition. You will find therein no fancy layouts, graphic design high-school projects, goofy ideas or political finger-wagging. Instead the talents of these chosen few have been devoted to that highest achievement: the creation of great adventures using oldschool rulesystems. The contestants were restricted to using only those creatures, spells and items they could find in the published body of oldschool D&D, with one exception, being allowed one item, monster and spell each. The results speak for themselves. The volume includes adventures for Rules Compendium, OSRIC, ACKS, Labyrinth Lord, OSE and Worlds Without Number or their closest oldschool counterparts. The proceeds for this will be donated to the Autism Research Institute for 3 months, after which it will become freely available. 

Glory to the OSR!”

Jeff McAleer

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