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PISD Shipping Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013

Title Bout 2013PISD has the latest edition of the well received boxing simulation, Title Bout Championship Boxing, available for download. You can get the game for PC, Mac, and Linux for $19.99.

From PISD:

Title Bout Championship Boxing is the latest rendition of a professional boxing simulation that dates back to the highly successful and current cult classic board game, Title Bout: The Game of Professional Boxing, produced by Avalon Hill Game Company.

In 1976 Jim and Tom Trunzo began selling their board game boxing simulation, under the auspices of Jim Barnes’ Statis-Pro Games, a humble effort simply called Professional Boxing debuted with fifty rated heavyweights. Enough interest was shown in the neophyte product to encourage the 1977 release of a mail order product entitled Truco Championship Boxing, which contained over 200 rated fighters from boxing’s eight main divisions.

Jeff McAleer

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  1. Any sports fan visiting the PISD website should seriously check out Paul Norman’s rebuild of the legendary Title Bout Championship Boxing PC sim. Paul’s take on the revered franchise has given it a much-needed shot-in-the-arm and I fully expect this game to take off with sports fans and hard-core boxing ringrats. The game is overflowing with world class boxers from every nation on earth, from legends of the sport to present-day stars of the squared-circle. You can match the all-time greats against each other or even introduce your own fighters randomly created by the game itself. The latter tool is part of the foundation for Title Bout 2014, the long-awaited career version of this terrific series.

  2. Forget what I said. The game has apparently been abandoned by the aforementioned programmer. Title Bout Championship Boxing version 2.5 is still available from OOTP and is as stable as concrete compared to the PISD version released almost a decade ago. Truly unfortunate.


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