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Prime Minister is Up for Preorder on the GMT Game P500

A Victorian age game of politics is on the P500

Prime Minister P500 (GMT Games)A new game of Victorian age politics is up for preorder on the P500 at GMT Games. In Prime Minister, players will take on the roles of politicians vying to lead Great Britain during Queen Victoria’s reign. The game is for one to four players, ages 14+, plays in around two to three hours, and you can reserve a copy for $52.00 while the eventual MSRP will be $75.00.

About the game:

In 1837, Queen Victoria begins her long reign over the United Kingdom, a country split between Liberals and Conservatives. Liberals strive for social progress, including repeal of the Corn Laws to help feed the working classes, expansion of the electorate to create a real democracy, and Home Rule for Ireland. Conservatives want to slow the pace of change, while advancing their own agenda to maintain order, protect traditional values, and secure the Empire. Her Majesty occasionally interferes in politics, but it’s the Prime Minister who really governs the country and sets the political agenda. 

Ten different Prime Ministers served during Victoria’s reign, with varying degrees of success.

Now it’s your turn to experience Victorian political life. When the game is over, how will you be remembered?

Prime Minister Board (GMT Games)As a lowly Backbencher unable to work your way to the top?

As a Party Leader who fell short in the end?

Or will you become the Prime Minister that history remembers?

In Prime Minister, 1 to 4 players take on the roles of talented politicians vying for power and prestige in Victorian-era Britain.

At the beginning of the game, each player draws a politician card representing one of the ten historical Prime Ministers who served during Queen Victoria’s reign. Each card features unique abilities that you’ll retain throughout the game.  You’ll also have one of three exchangeable player mats for your Politician’s current role: Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, or Backbencher.

While always keeping one eye on the upcoming election, players select and debate bills, pursue official appointments, recruit support by hobnobbing with influential Victorians, garner favor with the Queen, and, when the time is right, challenge other players for their leadership roles and seize their player mats.

Politician roles and party control of government shift throughout the game, and you’ll rack up victory points as you secure personal and political achievements. Win the game by becoming the first to reach 100 victory points while holding the Prime Minister’s role.

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