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Roll for Combat Kickstarter Enters Final Hours

Roll for Combat 5E-PF2 Monster Races Strange Monsters & Monster TrainingA highly successful Kickstarter for Roll for Combat is entering its closing hours. 5E/PF2 Monster Races, Strange Monsters, & Monster Training features a series of 5E and Pathfinder offerings including Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Monsters, Battlezoo: Eldamon, and Battlezoo Bestiary: Strange & Unusual. You can score the PDFs for all of the releases (for 5E or Pathfinder 2E) for a $139.00 pledge or grab the physical releases in hardcover for a $199.00 pledge through August 26. Expected delivery is January of 2023.

About the project:

Play A Monster! Befriend A Monster! Transform into a Monster! This Kickstarter has something for everyone to add to their 5E or Pathfinder game – new strange & unusual monsters, the ability to play as a monster, monster training, and even a monster battling card game! We’ve already funded and unlocked several stretch goals for new elements, expanded races, additional lore, and more. Join in for the big finish as we unlock even more. Here is a list of the three main components of the Kickstarter.

Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Monsters lets you play the monster, with a creative monster ancestry each month of 2023, plus a final compilation book as a capstone with additional content! The 12 new races include demons, gremlins, intelligent weapons, dungeons expanded, oni, nymphs, doppelgangers, minotaurs, slimes, sthenos, mimics, and sidhe. Each race will be roughly ten pages (or more), allowing you to fully explore what it means to play as your favorite monster, with multiple sub-race options and customization. And thanks to stretch goals, we’ve already expanded demons and oni to double that size, new types of doppelgangers, and more! Plus, pledging now will guarantee the Foundry VTT module is included with your order for free!

The Kickstarter also introduces Battlezoo Eldamon, which allows you to befriend, train, battle, and evolve ancient and playful monsters based on 12 different elemental types, such as fire, ice, life, and death in your 5E or Pathfinder game! Battlezoo Eldamon includes two new classes: the Eldamon Trainer, which focuses on befriending Eldamon and having them fight your battles for you, and the Elemental Avatar class, which allows you to attune with an Eldamon and utilize their powers in a variety of ways. Appropriate for all ages and playstyles, Battlezoo Eldamon allows players to befriend over 160 unique eldamon, catalog their unique abilities in their eldadex, battle other players’ eldamon in playful battles, and even evolve their eldamon into more powerful forms. You can add them seamlessly into any roleplaying game, allowing any character, no matter their class, to interact and collect them without disrupting the established adventure. Battlezoo Eldamon is perfect for monster trainer lovers of all ages. The rules are simple enough to be a great way to introduce children to the roleplaying hobby but also deep enough to offer a variety of combinations for strategic players.

Last but not least, Battlezoo Bestiary Strange & Unusual features over 150 award-winning monsters from the 2021 RPG Superstar contest and contains some of the most bizarre monsters ever seen in 5E or Pathfinder. In addition to the monsters, inside this book, you’ll find an expansion of the monster parts system from the original Battlezoo Bestiary with new methods for turning monsters into weapons, armor, and magical gear, plus the new aberrant soul sub-class in which you slowly transform into an aberration.

Jeff McAleer

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