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Save Up to 50% or More on Nearly a Thousand Titles During the ‘New Year, New Game’ Sale at DriveThruRPG

Through January 22nd DriveThruRPG is having their annual New Year, New Game sale and you have a chance to save big on nearly one thousand digital titles. You’ll find just about something for everyone’s taste with many stand out gaming bundles scoring gamers discounts over 50%. Among the offerings to get GMs up and running are especially enticing starter bundles for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game ($29.99) from our friends at Cubicle 7, a Stars Without Number bundle ($24.99) from Sine Nomine, and A Song of Ice and Fire ($19.99) package from Green Ronin.

I’ll be taking advantage of the sale to get my hands on some titles I’ve been curious about for quite a while (Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Edition for $11.20 anyone?) and I recommend our visitors do the same. Don’t forget that by using one of our links, before making a purchase at any DriveThru site, provides The Gaming Gang a small percentage of your purchase which allows us to get more reviews out there, mainly RPGs, which help you make more informed buying decisions too. Kind of a cool little RPG circle of life there.

Plus what better way to convince your favorite GM to run a new game than by purchasing it yourself? What a pal!

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