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Score d12 Monthly – Issue 13 Absolutely Free

The latest issue of d12 Monthly has arrived

d12 Monthly #13 (Yum DM)The OSR themed roleplaying game zine d12 Monthly has a fresh issue available from Yum DM. The 24 page issue tackles Old School Essentials this month with new classes, thief skills, rules, magic, and more. The zine is absolutely free too!

About the zine:

Issue 13 is a special Old School Essentials (OSE) issue. It will feature articles on expanding the Thief skills, new rules including how to handle monsters only hit with magic weapons, two brand new classes for OSE, new rules for critical hits and fumbles, and much more!

Issue 13 is jam-packed with a lot of content and contains the following feature articles:

  • Expanding the Thief Skills – Carcass Crawler number 1 started it, and now I have expanded the D6 skill system to the other classes.
  • New Rules – A couple of new rules including how to handle monsters only hit with magic weapons, and one for death & injury.
  • New Classes – Two brand new classes for OSE: the Pit Fighter and the Monster Hunter.
  • A Crit! – New rules for critical hits and fumbles.
    New Spells – New spells (and spell books) for magic-users, as well as for clerics and druids.
  • New Location – Goblins’ Rest is where Goblins go to die. A location that will surprise your characters.
    And much more! 
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