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Score Massive Savings on RPG PDF Adventure with Orcus’ 5E Holiday Horde

Snag plenty of fantasy 5E roleplaying supplements for a song

How Orcus Stole Christmas! (Frog God Games)Humble Bundle is offering a fantastic deal on a multitude of 5E fantasy adventures from Frog God Games, Kobold Press, Troll Lord Games, and more. You can get started for as little as a dollar with Orcus’ 5E Holiday Horde.

Break out the hot chocolate and cozy up by the fire for a bundle filled with tabletop RPG ebooks! Save Christmas from the great Demon Prince in How Orcus Saved Christmas, delve into the depths of Rappan Athuk, prepare for battle in City of Brass, and more.

Beginning at a dollar you can score An Enigma Lost in a Maze, Stains Upon the Green, Encephalon Gorgers on the Moon, and more – including discount coupons from Frog God Games, Kobold Press, Troll Lord Games, and the World of Anvil.

For $9.00 you’ll receive City of Brass, How Orcus Stole Chrsitmas, The City that Dripped Blood, and more!

And for $18.00 or more you can secure the entire shebang with $475.00 worth of RPG PDFs including the additions of the megadungeon Rappan Athuk and extras, Bones of the Companion, The Sword of Rami, the Kobold Press Creature Codex and Creature Codex Lairs, unlocked Fantasy Grounds releases, and more.

This bundle also benefits the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Fund and you can score these massive savings through December 18.

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