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Trilemma Adventures (DriveThruRPG)An interesting RPG supplement bundle is available for the Trilemma Adventures releases on DriveThruRPG. The well received 5E one and two page fantasy adventures and bestiary can be had a special price. You can score more than 350 pages of gaming content for a sale price of $16.76.

About the bundle:

First we have the Trilemma Adventures Compendium.

This book brings together the award-winning Trilemma Adventures: 48 one- and two-page adventure locations for fantasy role-playing games.

Each location is written to be usable separately, perfect for one-shot sessions, side quests, or to help populate your home grown campaign setting.

All have been lavishly illustrated and laid out to make them easy to run, straight from the book.

This book is packed with caverns, castles, underworld cities, labyrinths, mansions, flying tombs, hidden temples, and fallen shrines.

Also inside is more than 60 pages of new material:

  • an illustrated bestiary
  • an appendix of magical items
  • Trilemma Adventures Bestiary (DriveThruRPG)ten solid pages of hooks, rumors and secret lore
  • six regional gazetteers tying the adventure locations into a ready-to-use campaign setting
  • a full-color regional map, in GM and player versions
  • a complete index
  • a bonus location, set in the aftermath of the Kickstarter invasion scenario

This compendium is an essential part of your GM kit!

The adventure compendium runs 180 pages.

Then we have the bestiary.

This book contains more than 100 monsters from the award-winning Trilemma Adventures series, with stats for the fifth edition of your favorite roleplaying game. Inside are:

  • beasts of the wood
  • alien aberrations
  • people of the underworld
  • celestial horrors
  • demonic incursions
  • ghostly remnants of ages past

..and scores of other entries to surprise your players and enrich your campaign. Use them along with the Compendium, or in adventures of your own design.


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