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Secret of the Black Crag has Landed in PDF for Old School Essentials

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Secret of the Black Crag (Chance Dudinack)Author Chance Dudinack has released a new adventure for Old School Essentials. Set sail for the pirate haven of Port Fortune in Secret of the Black Crag, a tale designed for characters levels one through five. You can score the 94 page PDF at DriveThruRPG for $15.00.

About the adventure:

What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams. ―Werner Herzog

Secret of the Black Crag is a 96 page island-crawl sandbox adventure centered around a multi-level dungeon written by Chance Dudinack, author of The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford.

The adventure begins in the pirate haven of Port Fortune, a rowdy town  in the tropical archipelago of the Salamander Islands. Here a mysterious undersea mountain has risen fourth from the abyss, beckoning treasure hunters to explore the forgotten depths of the Black Crag.

This module is written for use with Old School Essentials and is designed for a party of level 1-5 characters.

Inspirations include Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Secret of Monkey Island
What’s Inside?

  • The mysterious Black Crag, a forbidden rock riddled with over 75 evocative and dangerous dungeon rooms on 3 levels laid out for maximum ease of use at the table.
  • 18 adventurous locations scattered around the Salamander Islands on a detailed hex map including 2 more fully keyed dungeons (a monkey overrun temple and a sea wyrm’s underwater lair)
  • 5 sparring factions from coral encrusted skeleton pirates, to manufactured crab people, to travelers from beyond the stars.
  • The pirate outpost of Port Fortune, a shantytown of ship hulls and sailcloth with 11 detailed and peculiar NPC’s with varying desires and personalities with adventurer attractive hooks tying them closely to the rest of the setting.
  • Detailed Encounter Tables that produce varied surprises with over 6,655 potential encounter variations in each table
  • Heaps of illustrations by the book’s author and equally skilled artist Chance Dudinack
  • A rival pirate crew generator.
  • Quick and Dirty Underwater Adventuring rules to help out when you swallow a potion and jump off the ship
  • 11+ brand new monsters and plenty of unique twists on more familiar creatures
  • Plenty of strange magical and science fantasy artifacts and treasures to make trouble with
  • A talking gorilla in a captain’s hat.

1 Comment

  1. Just watched your last live chat. Really good. It was great fun which truly stories and the games should be about. A man who tells stories is not lost to the world. I was sorry to hear about your health troubles last year and I hope that they are appropriately in the past. With thanks.

    Ian Nicholson.


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