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Strange Machine Games has Released the Charm Roleplaying Game in Print

A new universal RPG has arrived

Charm Roleplaying Game (Strange Machine Games)An interesting looking rules light, universal roleplaying game has arrived from Strange Machine Games. Charm offers a story driven approach, with far fewer rules and crunch to slow you down. The 157 page softcover is available for $24.95 at DriveThruRPG or snag the PDF for $10.00.

From SMG:

Imagine a role playing game where you can sit down at anytime, with anyone and just play. You pull a character sheet out of your wallet, use a rolling app on your phone and get to it.  Everyone already knows all the rules and those that don’t, learn them immediately.

Charm is a universal tabletop Role Playing Game that uses a simple, yet versatile rule set. The rules can be learned in minutes and offer a fully immersive game experience. A character can fit on a sheet as small as a business card.

Charm uses our intuition about a scenario to help drive the game with a focus on role playing. The game allows characters to be built so they are good at what they do. This allows each player to have a unique experience and have confidence when making decisions.

Charm includes 7 short scenarios that demonstrate how to modify the existing simple ruleset to create a new play experience.


  • Action 5 News: You are the city’s most elite local news team! It isn’t easy staying on top. You’ll need to pull  together all your guile and charisma to keep the number 1 spot.
  • Temporal Raiders: Travel time, seeking the  ultimate heist. Ally with powerful historical figures, change history,  be your own grandfather. What could go wrong?
  • Dustbound: Take on the role of a god-touched  gunslinger in a bleak world of dust and decay. Fight Oni, rival  gunslingers and vengeful townsfolk.
  • Mystery Incorporated: Jeepers, guys.  Play as a gang of kids, or possibly a lovable pet, who solve mysteries  using their astonishing meddling abilities.
  • Pact of Night: Small town woes meet big  monster drama. Play a Vampire or Werewolf as you balance your life with  the humans during the day and beasts at night.
  • Onitech: You exist in a high-tech world ruled by  demon masters. Civility has superseded morality, leading to a perverted  and deadly state of affairs.
  • Asylum Reflections: In Victorian London, people are being replaced with mirrored doubles. Uncover the duplicitous  mystery in this dark world.

Charm Includes:

  • 157 Pages
  • Amazing Striking Art
  • Learn to Play in Minutes
  • 7 Scenarios Included
  • Dynamic Play Choices
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