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Happy New Year and, lo and behold, Elliott’s back! The boys take a look at Baltimore & Ohio from Eagle Games, Thunderstone from AEG and Julius Caesar from Columbia Games. Some of our listeners chime in with their favorite games while The Gamer on the Plains, James Engelhardt, runs down some of the most interesting games of the last year.

Elliott and Jeff add their own thoughts on games they really liked in 2010 while they reveal their picks for the best game of 2010 – or at least out of what they’ve played…

Detailed show notes to follow shortly… (mostly done, just need some links… and that should do it! Thanks for your patience, everyone!)

Quick Hits [1:45]
  • Reverse Charades
  • The Baffler
  • Scrabble Flash
  • Jack Vasel Auction
Phone call from Mark in Arizona [8:39]
News [9:03]
  • Blockade Runner from Numbskull Games
  • Steel Wolves from Compass Games
  • Board Game Info site
  • Board Games with Scott RIP
  • New sponsor: Victory Point Games
  • New contributors: Nate Owens, David Nicholas
Phone call from Matt in Louisiana [17:30]
Game Reviews [17:35]
  • Baltimore & Ohio, Eagle Games
Phone call from John in Auburn, AL [28:20]
  • Thunderstone [30:40]
Phone call from Luis in Arizona [45:51]
The War Room [46:40] sponsored by Victory Point Games
Now at Victory Point Games: Three-game bundle of Frank Chadwick games!
  • Julius Caesar, Columbia Games
Thoughts on Gaming [1:00:35]
  • Best of 2010
  • James offers thoughts on 2010 and Justin Bieber (who does not deserve a link) [1:01:00]
Contest winner [1:19:37]
  • Luis in Arizona (Monteslu)
Out [1:20:22]

Download the show to take it on the go right here!

And don’t forget, TGG is available on iTunes!


  1. War of the Ring collector’s edition was $399 on release.
    SS units are controversial in war gaming. They are infamous for getting different colored counters, typically black and are considered elite units. Some argue that this glorifies them undeservedly because they were responsible for atrocities. I like using elite units and it is always fun to play the losing side in any conflict….

    Regarding the ugliness of the railroad game, it reminds me of my unhappiness upon opening the first expansion to Steam- Steam Baron, Martin Wallace’s redesigned and graphically updated Age of Steam variant, and finding that they had used the graphics from Age of Steam. Plenty of people complained, and an unsatisfactory excuse was given about the terrain graphics from Steam not been available at time of printing. Aesthetics are important and it does decrease my desire to play it.

    Good show!

  2. Well, that was strange, I thought I was editing the prior post! No way to edit though. And every time I submit a comment the podcast resets to the beginning! Aargh.

  3. Fun podcast! two thumbs up!

    Random thoughts:

    Yeah, I don’t think I could ever shell out $400 on a board game.

    I think using black for SS makes sense, the uniforms were black and gray.

    I love the ideas of mixing stocks with any game. There needs to be need to be more stock using games. MULE forever!

  4. Great podcast! Show is getting better each time. And I won the contest, can’t complain about that 🙂

    Funny thing is, my vote for Game of 2010 was put in before Christmas. Since then I’ve probably changed my mind and have to go with 7 Wonders, but will need more plays to say for sure.

    Looking forward to the next podcast. Keep up the great work, guys.

  5. Thanks Luis! We keep doing our best to make the show better just about every time out and plan on some new things in the near future.

  6. Hi,
    I’m trying to down load this episode and its not letting me do so. i have been able to down load the episodes around it up to 10. Just thought i would mention it incase the file is corrupt or a substription is over due. thanks I’ve just heard your first two episodes which i have enjoyed. thanks. Neil

  7. Hello again, I’ve just got it to down load for me, so it was a problem my end!. thanks again


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