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The Delta Green: ARCHINT RPG Sourcebook is Available in Print and PDF

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Delta Green: ARCHINT (Arc Dream Publishing)Arc Dream Publishing has released a new supplement for the Delta Green horror RPG. ARCHINT provides a series of artifacts for Handlers to include in their modern Mythos tales. The 36 page book is available from DriveThruRPG as a softcover for $14.99 or in PDF for $4.99.

About the book:

Archeological Intelligence

Some analysts develop signals intelligence or SIGINT. Some develop human intelligence, HUMINT. Delta Green deals in older secrets. It needs archeological intelligence. ARCHINT: a study of appalling dangers left in hidden places. It needs agents to look into horrors so that others can turn away. Agents like yours.


  • The Amulet of the Ai-Apa
  • Blood of the Feeder
  • The Brixton Shard
  • The Eggs of Apep
  • The Gowdie Shape
  • The Hunahpú Mask
  • The Kurville Executable
  • The Miranov Object
  • The Reneteur Device
  • The Stone of Yos
  • “Sweet Lady Blood Pruner”

ARCHINT is a full-color sourcebook for Delta Green, the role-playing game of Lovecraftian horror and modern conspiracy.

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