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The Expanse RPG Dice are Up on Kickstarter

The Expanse RPG Dice (Green Ronin)Green Ronin Publishing is currently running a Kickstarter to fund custom dice sets for their roleplaying game based on James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse. The project for The Expanse RPG Dice Sets is fully funded and you can reserve a set of your choice for a $15.00 pledge through September 15th. Estimated delivery is next January.

From Green Ronin:

Do you like The Expanse novels by James S.A. Corey?

Do you like dice?

Then you have docked at the right station!

Last year Green Ronin published The Expanse RPG and this Kickstarter is to fund dice sets for the game. Sure, you can play The Expanse with any old six-sided dice, but now you can declare your allegiance to Earth, Mars, or the Belt with these Expanse dice! If the campaign does well, we’ll offer exclusive Protomolecule dice as well!

We have once again partnered with Q Workshop, who previously produced our Dragon Age and Blue Rose Dice Sets. They make beautiful dice and we know their work will be stellar.

As you can see, the dice have already been designed. Earth, Mars, and the Belt each have their own set. We just need to fund the production and determine how many of each set to make. This is where you come in! We don’t know if we should produce an equal number of each set or not. If OPA ranks are strong, we’ll need more Belter dice. If a lot of you believe in the dream of the red planet, we’ll need more Martian dice.

Jeff McAleer

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