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Classic Dungeons & Dragons at Dungeon Masters Guild
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** UPDATE ** The Auction is now closed and bidders’ names, email addresses, and bids have been removed from the comment section.

Hi gang and welcome to the 2020 game auction! Thanks for stopping by to take a peek to help support the site. You might already know I’ve done my best over the years to operate TGG without resorting to Kickstarters or Patreon; in other words continuing to share the latest in gaming news and reviews without dipping into visitors’ or viewers’ pockets. To help keep The Gaming Gang around, I hold an annual auction of games; many of which have been covered on the site and YouTube channel.

Unless noted, all games are in mint condition. They were only played to provide coverage on the website and in videos. They are also compete in every way without any missing or damaged components if no longer in shrink. Obviously, those still in shrink are pristine. These games come from a smoke free home too. That said, all items are sold as is.

As for opening bids, for games that are opened, I basically took a peek at the lowest price online for the game new and halved it. Those games still in shrink are offered at far less than the MSRP. Those games which are out of print and rare carry opening bids of about half of what completed recent auctions have finished at on eBay.

Please also keep in mind this isn’t eBay. If you’re bidding on these games it’s because you like The Gaming Gang and find what we do to be valuable, or entertaining, or better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick… I have games which deserve good homes where they’ll be played and, rather than other outlets who simply ask for your financial support without providing you with anything truly tangible in return, I’m providing an auction for these games and this helps keep The Gaming Gang chugging along for another year.

If you’re the winning bidder for more than three entries, I’ll also include a small footprint game from my collection absolutely free for every three! I’ll also delete the email addresses from the comment section once the auction ends and winners have been contacted.

The comment section for this post is only for bidding. Questions about the auction can be emailed to me at [email protected]. As I’ve already mentioned, all these games are in fantastic condition so please don’t send a bunch of emails asking about the condition about specific games. If there’s really, REALLY something else you need to know about then fire off an email and I’ll do my very best to respond within 24 hours.

About the auction:

The auction will run from 12am CST December 14th through 12pm CST December 22nd 2020.

To bid on items, simply comment on this post (including an email you may be reached through) with the item number(s) you’re interested in as well as your bid(s). The minimum new bid must be at least one dollar higher than the current high bid. At around 12am CST each morning I will update this listing to include the highest bid on each item with an abbreviation “HB”. I.E. 27. Robotech: A Force of Arms (Solarflare Games) – $9 HB $10 Obviously, if there’s something you’re very interested in you’ll want to scan the comments before you bid if it’s nowhere near 12am CST.

Multiple items which are offered together will not be separated individually.

Payment is through PayPal only. Once the auction ends, I’ll email the winners to learn where they’d like their games shipped and how they’d like them shipped. Auction winners will be responsible for paying for shipping but I’ll ship USPS and combine as many items you’ve won the auctions on into one package to save you on shipping. You’ll also have the option of regular shipping or priority mail, although if you end up with a good size box Priority Mail gets very very expensive. I’m also happy to ship overseas too.

Winning bidders must pay for their games and shipping within five days of receiving their total from me. Items which have not been paid for by the end of that period will be offered to the next highest bidder. Packages will be shipped out within 72 hours of receiving payment.

The listings are below the slideshow below. Thanks again for supporting The Gaming Gang and have fun with the auction!

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The Auction Items and opening bids

1. Cataphract (GMT Games) – unpunched $40 HB $50

2. 1862 (GMT Games) – $40

3. MBT 4CMBG (GMT Games) – in shrink – $25

4. Next War: Korea Second Edition (GMT Games) – in shrink $55

5. The Battle of Rhode Island (GMT Games) – unpunched – $30 HB $30

6. Death Valley (GMT Games) – unpunched $55

7. Men of IronTri-Pack (GMT Games) – unpunched $55

8. Red Storm (GMT Games) – unpunched $50 HB $50

9. Stalingrad ’42 (GMT Games) – unpunched $45

10. At Any Cost (GMT Games) – $45

11. Beneath the Med (GMT Games) – unpunched $30 HB $45

12. Andean Abyss Update (GMT Games) – $10

13. Labyrinth: The Forever War (GMT Games) – in shrink $15

14. Next War Supplement #2 (GMT Games) – in shrink $10

15. Wing Leader Expansion #2: Eagles (GMT Games) – in shrink $20

16. La Resistance (Flying Pig Games) – $10

17. Armageddon War and Burning Sands Expansion (Flying Pig Games) – $70 HB $80

18. Crusader Kings with Councilors and Inventions expansion (Free League Publishing) – $55

19. Battlestar Galactica Miniatures Game Core Set (Ares Games) – $22

20. Strategy of War (Fadescape Studios) – out of Print $10

21. Jolly Roger (Ares Games) – in shrink $9

22. Space Base: Shy Pluto (AEG) – in shrink $13

23. Truffle Shuffle (AEG) – in shrink $14

24. Cat Lady: Box of Treats (AEG) – in shrink $11

25. Romance of the Nine Empires: Arcane Fire – in shrink $5

26. Advanced Guild Hall: The Gathering – in shrink $7

27. Robotech: A Force of Arms (Solarflare Games) $9

28. Nightmare Forest: Dead Run (Solarflare Games) Kickstarter review copy – $10 HB $50

29. Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion (Solarflare Games) Kickstarter review copy – $10HB $20

30. Game Developerz (Onion Squire) Kickstarter review copy – $5

31. Cthulhu Tales (Cubicle 7) – $15

32. Hobbit Tales (Cubicle 7) – in shrink, rare and out of print $60

33. Dungeon Rush (Stronghold Games) – $8

34. Istanbul: The Dice Game (Stronghold Games) – $12

35. Paper Tales (Stronghold Games) – $18

36. Siege (AEG) – $11

37. Tiny Town: Fortune (AEG) – $12

38. Fantahzee (AEG) – $13

39. Custom Heroes (AEG) – $13

40. Sakura Arms (AEG) – rare and out of print $25

41. Spongebob Fluxx (Looney Labs) – $8

42. The Agents (Ninja Division) – $11

43. Bloc by Bloc Second Edition (Out of Order Games) rare and out of print – $45

44. Exceed: Shovel Knight (Level 99 Games) – $12

45. Dastardly Dirigibles (Fireside Games) – $6

46. Remnants (Fireside Games) – $15

47. Kaiju Crush (Fireside Games) – $12 HB $12

48. Samurai Jack: Back to the Past (USAopoly) – $16

49. Samurai Gardner (Osprey Games) – $7

50. Sakura (Osprey Games) – $15

51. Zooball (Osprey Games) – $5

52. Cryptid (Osprey Games) – $18 HB $30

53. Call to Adventure (Brotherwise Games) – $15

54. Ascension: Delirium (Stoneblade) – $14

55. Ascension: Deliverance (Stoneblade) – $14

56. Treiste (Victory Point Games) – rare and out of print $30

57. Half Truth (Studio71) – $14

58. Ancestree (Calliope Games) – $10

59. Shutterbug (Calliope Games) – $10

60. Letter Jam (Czech Games Edition) – $10

61. Sanctum (Czech Games Edition) – $25 HB $30

62. RWBY (Arcane Wonders) – $25

63. Volcanic Isle (Arcane Wonders) – $18

64. Viticulture (Stonemaier Games) – $25

65. Most Wanted (North Star Games) – $10

66. Game of Ham (Game of Ham) – $10

67. City of Gears (Grey Fox Games) – $15

68. Gladigala (Tyko Games) – $22

69. Legends of Andor (KOSMOS) – $30

70. The Liberation of Rietburg (KOSMOS) – $12.00

71. Tribes (KOSMOS) – $18 HB $25

72. Roll for Adventure (KOSMOS) – $15 HB $20

73. Cities: Skylines (KOSMOS) – $18 HB $20

74. The Dark Eye: Aventuria Adventure Card Game (Ulysses Spiele) – $20

75. Anomaly (Starling Games) – $25

76. Everdell: Pearlbrook Collector’s Edition expansion – in shrink out of print $40

77. Master of Wills (Stormcrest Games) – $13

78. Exchange (Bicycle Games) – $13

79. Shadowrun 6E Beginner Box (Catalyst Game Labs) – $10

80. Tales from the Loop Starter Set (Free League Publishing) – $10 HB $10

81. Cyberpunk Jump Start Kit (R. Talsorian Games) – out of print $20

82. The Witcher RPG Core Book (R. Talsorian Games) – $25

83. Castle Falkenstein and Comme Il Faut (R. Talsorian Games) – $28

84. Teenagers from Outer Space (R. Talsorian Games) – $10 HB $10

85. Dungeon Craft Terrain (1985 Games) – unpunched/uncut $30

86. Dungeon Craft Terrain: Hell and High Water (1985 Games) – unpunched/uncut $30

87. 7th Sea (John Wick Games) – out of print, small dings on the front cover, which were on the review copy $15

88. City of Brass for 5E (Frog God Games) – $45 HB $50

89. Pathfinder 1E Occult Adventures – $10

90. Cha’alt (Kort’thalis Publishing) – out of print $60

91. Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory (Ulysses Speile) – out of print $35

92. Delta Green: Control Group (Arc Dream Publishing) – $15

93. Dungeons & Dragons: Stranger Things – $10

94. Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures Outlined Coloring Book – $7

95. Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest: Cleric$5 HB $6

96. Battlelords of the 23rd Century 7th Edition (23rd Century Productions) – $30 HB $30

97. Pathfinder 2E Bestiary Battle Cards (Paizo Inc) – in shrink $35 HB $35

98. Paleomythic (Osprey Games) – $20 HB $20

99. Romance of the Perilous Kingdom (Osprey Games) – $20

100. Mistborn Adventure Game RPG Corebook and Alloy of Law: Masks of the Past supplement (Crafty Games) – $35

101. The Dark Eye Collection: Includes the pocket sized The Dark Eye corebook, Inns and Taverns/GM Screen, Tales of Dragons and Thieves, Aventuria Bestiary, Aventuria Almanac, Character Sheets, Aventuria Maps,Advantages & Disadvantages Deck, Spells & Rituals Deck, Liturgies & Ceremonies Deck, and the Combat & Special Abilities Deck – $115

102. Dystopian Wars Collection – Include Dystopian War core book, Kingdom of Britannia Naval Battle Group, Prussian Empire Naval Battle Group, and Republic of France Naval Battle Group – The boxes corners are dinged a little. All unassembled and unpainted, this is rare and long out of print – $110

103. MourneQuest (Backspindle Games) – $35 HB $40

104. Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha Hardcover (Chaosium Inc) – $30 HB $30

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