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The Hieronymus: Garden of Earthly Delights Edition RPG is Available from Exalted Funeral

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Hieronymus (Twelve Pins Press)Twelve Pins Press has released the unique looking roleplaying game Hieronymus: Garden of Earthly Delights Edition through Exalted Funeral. This fresh edition of a sold out 2021 RPG drops the players into worlds based on the works of Hieronymus Bosch as they’re chased by a being known only as The Follower. The 52 page A4 sized softcover (with PDF) can be had for an MSRP of $25.00.

About the book:

“Therefore I think and judge it for thy best Thou follow me, and I will be thy guide, And lead thee hence through the eternal place,
Where thou shalt hear the desperate lamentations, Shalt see the ancient spirits disconsolate, Who cry out each one for the second death;”

What is Hieronymus?

Hieronymus is a role-playing game designed for 2-5 players, where you’ll create characters and use them to explore the worlds of Bosch’s paintings.

One of you will play as the GM (Game Master), who controls the worldscapes and the creatures in them, and decides how they change in response to the characters’ actions.

The rest of you will play a group of refugees fleeing an astral terror known only as The Follower. As it pursues you, you rip your way through reality into strange worldscapes, and The Follower is only ever a few steps behind.

  • What will happen when it catches up to you?
  • What strange worlds will it tear apart in its pursuit?
  • Is there a way home?

Released in 2021 to acclaim and saw a limited print run, Hieronymus is back and better than ever. New maps and content, new character playbooks and expanded guidance for both players and game runners make this a more complete experience.

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