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‘The Lost City’ To Receive the Goodman Games Original Adventures Reincarnated Treatment

Original Adventures Reincarnated #4 The Lost City (Goodman Games)Goodman Games has revealed Tom Moldvay’s classic B4 The Lost City will be the fourth release in the Original Adventures Reincarnated line. Gamers will receive both a scan of the 1982 Basic Dungeons & Dragons adventure alongside a revamped tale including all new material and a conversion to 5E. The Lost City is set for a June 2020 release and the MSRP will probably be in line with other OAR titles, $49.99.

From Goodman Games:

We’re pleased to announce Original Adventures Reincarnated #4: The Lost City!

OAR #4: The Lost City will combine scans of the original edition of the module with 5E conversions and new material, as we’ve done with prior books in the OAR series. The conversion is being handled by Chris Doyle and Tim Wadzinski, the same team responsible for OAR #1: Into the Borderlands and OAR #2: The Isle of Dread.

At this time, the target release date is June 2020, but we will keep you updated as time passes.

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