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The Second Edition of the Award Winning Harlem Unbound has Arrived for Call of Cthulhu

Chris Spivey's fantastic CofC sourcebook has received a new edition

Harlem Unbound Second Edition (Chaosium Inc/Darker Hue Studios)The wait is over as the second edition of Chris Spivey’s utterly amazing Harlem Unbound is now available from Chaosium Inc and Darker Hue Studios. One of the must have sourcebooks of recent years for Call of Cthulhu (which received a rarified ten out of ten review score here at TGG) is now expanded with more of everything which made the first edition so fantastic, including more monsters and scenarios. Run, don’t walk, to DriveThruRPG and score a copy of the 384 page PDF for $21.99.

From Chaosium:

Investigate the Cthulhu Mythos during the Harlem Renaissance!

Chris Spivey’s ENnie-winning breakthrough book is back and better than ever!

New York City.

Prohibition is in full swing and bootleggers are living high. African-Americans flee the oppressive South for greener pastures, creating a new culture in Harlem. The music of Fats Waller and Duke Ellington pours out of the city’s windows, while women in stylish skirts and silk stockings, and men in white gloves and Chesterfield coats crowd the sidewalks. There’s a feeling of possibility in the air, like never before.

But, even in this land of promise, Harlem is a powder keg, ready to explode. While classes and cultures collide, the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos lurk beneath the streets, creeping through dark alleys and hidden doorways to infect the hopes and aspirations of the unwary.

Can you hold it together and keep the terrors at bay for one more song?

The Skinny on the Goods…

Harlem Unbound Second Edition Art (Chaosium Inc/Darker Hue Studios)Harlem Unbound 2nd Edition is expanded and improved from the first edition. New areas are shown below:

  • Seven scenarios (four new to 2nd Edition).
  • Unique occupations tailored to Harlem.
  • New Mythos monsters to terrify your players.
  • Ready-to-play investigators.
  • Random plot generator.
  • Crash course on addressing race in gaming.

This PDF package includes the following:

  • Harlem Unbound – 2nd Edition – PDF
  • Handouts and pre-generated characters – PDF
  • Harlem Unbound Investigator Sheet – PDF
  • Map of Harlem with and without scenario locations – PDF
  • Two Scenario Maps – PDF

This supplement is best used with the CALL OF CTHULHU (7th Edition) roleplaying game and optionally the PULP CTHULHU sourcebook, both available separately.

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