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The Second Edition of the Mausritter RPG is Out in PDF

Score the new edition of Mausritter

Mausritter Second Edition (Losing Games)The popular OSR inspired Mausritter roleplaying game has received a new edition from Losing Games. Embark on mouse sized, epic sandbox adventure in this 48 page corebook which includes a starting setting, Stumpville and the Earldom of Ek. Grab the PDF at DriveThruRPG as a Pay What You Want – suggested price $8.00.

About the game:

Take up the sword and don the whiskers of a brave mouse adventurer in Mausritter, a rules-light fantasy adventure roleplaying game.

  • Brutally fast, equally flavourful character creation gets you playing your mouse adventurer as quickly as possible.
  • Physical card-based inventory system minimises bookkeeping and maximises hard choices.
  • Dangerous and evocative magic system with 15 spells to find and cast.
  • Generous toolbox of resources provides the Game Master with plenty of support to create their own mouse-scale sandbox adventures.
  • Delve into the ready to play adventure site of Stumpsville and explore further into the Earldom of Ek.

Mausritter is built on the chasis of Into the Odd, with new rules for setting, character generation, magical artefacts, and mouse-scale adventures.

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