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Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum Core Rulebook at DriveThruRPG
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Tales of Argosa (Pickpocket Press)Pickpocket Press is in the midst of a successful Kickstarter to bring the Tales of Argosa roleplaying game to the masses. Essentially the second edition of Low Fantasy Gaming, this volume promises plenty of depth without GMs and players being saddled with an overbearing rules system. The project is past the 200% funding mark and you can reserve a copy of the core rulebook hardcover (with PDF) for a $65.00 pledge or grab just the PDF alone for a $25.00 pledge through April 7th, with an expected delivery this November. You can even score the 249 page playtest PDF absolutely free at DriveThruRPG.

About the project:

Tales of Argosa (aka Low Fantasy Gaming 2e) is a Sword & Sorcery inspired Emergent Play Adventure Game, for groups or solo. Adventures are short, sharp, and focused on dangerous wilds, treacherous cities, fierce battles, daring exploits, perilous magic, fabulous treasures, and cosmic weird.

Core Features

  • Familiar d20 based system. 
  • 9 Classes Artificer (or Alchemist variant), Barbarian, Bard, Cultist, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue & Magic User; only two of which involve magic. 
  • 9th Level max caps PC power levels.
  • Flatter HP Curve Most PCs will have approx 10-40 hit points over their nine levels. 
  • Unique Features Every 3rd level design your own PC ability in conjunction with your GM, or choose from 40+ examples. 
  • Roll Under for Attribute checks, making every stat point matter. Degrees of success via Great Successes and Terrible Failures.  
  • Roll High for attack & damage rolls.
  • Wisdom is split into Perception and Willpower. Perception mod applies to ranged attacks instead of Dex.   
  • Simple Skills grant a +1 bonus on relevant Attribute checks, but more importantly allow a PC to access their limited Reroll Pool if they fail. The Variant Rules chapter includes a further simplified “Class, Race & Background” combo to replace the skill list, if desired.    
  • Minor, Major & Rescue Exploits on top of damage, not in lieu, promote improvised stunts and moments of greatness.
  • Fast Initiative Side based initiative, but a different PC rolls each round. Initiative is a derived stat (average of Dex & Int). If the PC makes their Initiative check the party goes first, otherwise the monsters do. On a Great Success the party also acts before any Heavies or Bosses. 
  • Diminishing Luck attribute replaces saving throws, ratcheting up the danger with each save.
  • Fierce Battle Martial Exploits, Nat 19s, Crits, Fumble ripostes, Morale checks, Trauma rolls, Heavies, and Bosses make for action packed battles! When reduced to zero hp, healing takes 1d3 minutes (magical or otherwise). Players don’t roll to find out if their PC lives until after the combat, when an ally checks the body.
  • Unbalanced Encounters ToA is designed for unbalanced combat. Clear escape rules put the fate of the PCs in the players’ hands – do they fight another round, or run?
  • Short Rests PCs make two Willpowers checks during a Short Rest to attempt to recover hp and class abilities, encouraging them to press on rather than camp. 
  • Dark & Dangerous Magic Roll to Cast and DDM tests threaten to unleash Veil monsters, madness, mutation, or worse! 
  • Downtime Rules for Carousing, Pets, Black Market Trade, Masterforged Gear, Gambling, Recovery, Potion Brewing, Magical Research, Scroll Inscribing, Rumours, and more.
  • Emergent Play & Solo Support via mechanics, procedures, and massive GM Toolbox to facilitate improv, including: Lone Wolf PC rules, Range Bands (for smoother Theatre of the Mind), Reaction & Activity rolls, Major Exploits & Rescues, Morale checks, Consult the Bones Dice Oracle, Read the Signs Card Oracle, Hexploration Procedures, Dungeon Tally & Events, Travel Events, Random Encounters, XP Awards, NPC Tables, Treasure Tables, Madness Table, Disease & Parasite Table, Trap Tables, and more!
  • Easy Compatibility with most OSR and 5e style adventures; just swap out monster stats, treasure, and spells for ToA equivalents, and you’re good to go! We’ve been playtesting with adventures from LFG, Forbidden Lands, Dragonbane, B4 The Lost City, Hot Springs Island, The Toxic Wood, Mines of Perinthos, and very recently Moria (from The One Ring, alpha PDF). The final book will include conversion tips. 
  • Rules as Guidelines The GM is the final authority on all rules, which are expected to be tweaked to fit table preferences. The Variant Rules chapter includes suggestions such as more/less deadly, less dangerous magic, movement in feet rather than range bands, individual Initiative checks, etc.

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