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‘Tinian: The Forgotten Battle’ is Now Shipping from Compass Games

Tinian: The Forgotten Battle (Compass Games)The latest WWII wargame entry in the Marianas Campaign series is now shipping from Compass Games. Tinian: The Forgotten Battle focuses on the often overlooked  American amphibious landings on the aforementioned island in July, 1944. A variety of scenarios are included ranging from introductory (lasting a couple of hours or so) to a trio of full length campaigns. Tinian is for one to two players, ages 14+, plays in two to 35 hours, and carries an MSRP of 99.00 but is currently available for $75.00.

From Compass:

Most people have never heard of the Battle of Tinian. Overshadowed by the Battle of Saipan to the north and the Invasion of Guam to the south, Tinian seems like a small side show that had no real impact on the war. Some people may hear the name and remember that the B-29s, the ones that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, flew from there but for the rest it has become a minor part of military history – a forgotten battle.

And yet Admiral Raymond A. Spruance, said of the invasion of Tinian: “In my opinion, the Tinian operation was probably the most brilliantly conceived and executed amphibious operation in World War II.”

Tinian: The Forgotten Battle will be Volume 3 in the Marianas Campaign and is a perfect introduction to Adam Starkweather’s Company Scale System (CSS).  Played on a single map it will include 3 scenarios and 3 campaign games. 

‘Jig-Day’ A short, single day scenario covering the initial American Landings

‘Lasso’ A 2 day scenario covering the Americans securing of the north end of the island down as far as Mount Lasso.

‘Final Round-up’ A 3 day Scenario covering the last 3 days of the battle and the final subjugation of the island.

Historical Campaign The full 9 days from the American Landings in the North until the final Japanese surrender

Hypothetical Campaign. The Americans, originally, feinted at the southern beaches near Tinian Town before landing in the north. This campaign game lets you see what would have happened if it wasn’t a feint and the Americans landed exactly where the Japanese were expecting them to.

Free-set up Campaign your chance to defend or assault a Pacific island – total control over defenses or landing schedules.

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