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Sentima: Sundered Wilds Kickstarter

‘Up Front! Second Edition’ Now Available Through Wargame Vault

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Up Front from Avalon HillFollowing the complete train wreck of a fiasco the Up Front! Kickstarter turned out to be, through Valley Games/Radiant Games/Whatever They Were Calling Themselves This Week Company, it’s nice to see original game designer Courtney Allen has entered into an agreement with Hasbro to once again offer the second edition of Up Front! to the public. The title is now available exclusively from our friends over at Wargame Vault and DriveThruCards.

I’m sure the $330k+ the crowdfunding project raised opened some eyes at Hasbro and I have to tip my cap to the sometimes maligned company for going the extra mile and allowing Mr. Allen and Wargames Vault to get this classic back in front of the public. On a side note, I will mention the product description leads one to believe the criminals behind the Kickstarter disaster didn’t actually have the rights to publish a new edition of the game in the first place. I wrote about that possibility previously (and was taken to the woodshed by a lot of wargamers over my thoughts) but at least it’s good to see people once again have the chance to bring Up Front! to their gaming tables…

Grognards will have the opportunity to either purchase the complete package of components, printed on high standard playing card stock, comprising of the complete game at a sale price of $51.47 (regular price $57.96). That’s a pretty fantastic price seeing what a relatively good condition copy of Up Front! goes for on the secondary market. For those who already have a copy of the long OOP Avalon Hill game, there are various component packages available to replace any of those which may have gotten worn out over the years.

Up Front Side by Side (Wargame Vault)You can grab a copy of the original rules absolutely free as well.

Who knows, maybe the updated edition Mr. Allen was working on will somehow see the light of day in the end as well!

From Wargame Vault:

With permission from rights-holder Hasbro (owner of Wizards of the Coast and Avalon Hill), Wargame Vault has digitally re-mastered the second edition of Up Front and is offering it again through our card printing program. We’ve done our best to capture high-quality images of each card and the components reproduce nicely with minimal blurriness on text or images.

Each component of the game is listed here on Wargame Vault as a separate title to make it convenient for players who may wish to replace lost or worn-out components of a copy of Up Front they already own. For those who wish to get the entire game, we have bundled all of the components together into this bundle for convenient purchase (and a bit of savings over buying each component separately).

Components, with links to each, include:

1. The original rulebook as a free PDF download. Also included is the original Avalon Hill catalog/pricelist that came with the game.

2. The 123 card Personality (infantry) deck. Printed on premium playing card stock, these come at mini-card size just as they did in the original second edition game.

3. The 40 card AFV (vehicle) deck including the Relative Range Chart card. These are standard poker-size cards and come on premium playing card stock.

Up Front Rules Page 3 (Wargame Vault)4. Two sheets of counters. Around 300 counters. We are not able to offer true punch-out chits, so these come on doulbe-sided cardstock and will need to be cut apart. The counters are also offered as a digital download version for DIY print-and-play.

5.  The 162 card Action deck. These are standard poker-size cards printed on our premium playing card stock.The Action cards have the only layout element that was changed when we re-mastered these cards. The original teal text used on these cards did not reproduce clearly from the original card images, so we replaced it with darker blue text for crisper readability.

6. The 18 card Action Errata deck. This set of 18 optional cards has been re-mastered to correct errors in the data of the original cards so that you can replace the incorrect cards with these if you wish. The changes made to these cards are the generally accepted errata by the Up Front community of players world-wide. This change affected 17 of the action cards – 14 Movement cards, 2 Marsh cards and one Rally card. Also included is one additional Relative Range/Vs AFV Chart card.

 7. The 20 card Personality Errata/Optional deck. This set of optional cards has been re-mastered to correct errors in the data of one of the original Personality cards as generally accepted by the Up Front community of players world-wide (German card #27, PVT KLAPP), and also includes 19 new optional cards that can be substituted for some of the counters of the original game if you wish. They include 8 Relative Range substitute cards and 11 cards that can be substituted for Entrenched, Flank Fire, Encircled, Infiltrator and Crew.These new cards are placed beneath the affected Personality cards and “peek out” from under them to display the appropriate information needed for that card.


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