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Space Hulk Coming to PC, Mac, and Consoles

SpaceHulkConsoleGame developers Full Control are preparing to bring the Warhammer 40k game Space Hulk to PC, Mac, and the iOS platform in 2013. Games Workshop, creators of the board game, indicate the title will be a “turn-based game that emulates the look and feel of the board game, but with full 3D animation.”

The conversion will contain a 12 mission single-player campaign as well as co-op play. The game is based on the Sin of Damnation campaign from Space Hulk’s third edition released in 2009.

“Since playing the board game decades ago I have always wanted to recreate this slice of Warhammer 40,000 as a computer game. Now we can finally bring the board game to life in glorious 3D full of scary Genestealers and mighty Terminators fighting for human kind,” says Full Control CEO, Thomas Hentschel Lund.

Head of licensing for Games Workshop Jon Gillard adds, “Their [Full Control’s] passion for the game and their development skill, combined with the power of the Warhammer 40,000 setting is going to create something very special indeed. There are a lot of people here at Games Workshop who are desperate to get this on their iPads!”

Jeff McAleer

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  1. Sweet; now I will no longer be tempted to drop $200 for an oop copy of the board game

    • It is supposed to be the same campaign as in the last edition of the board game. I’ll be interested to see it when it comes out.


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