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Warlock! Traitor’s Edition RPG is Out in Print and PDF

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Warlock! Traitor's Edition (Fire Ruby Designs)Fire Ruby Designs has released a new edition of their popular British OSR roleplaying game Warlock! This refreshed book is titled the Warlock! Traitor’s Edition and includes various rules and presentation tweaks and new artwork. The 146 page hardcover is available through DriveThruRPG for $33.39 or score the PDF for $16.04.

About the book:

Same great game, awesome new look!

This is a new edition of the Warlock! core rules.

New fonts, new layout, new art.

If you have Warlock! already, you don’t need this version (but you know you want it!).

Warlock is a rules-light roleplaying game that aims to emulate the feeling of old-school British tabletop games of wondrous and fantastical adventure. Warlock looks to reproduce the play style of its illustrious predecessors but in a light, quick and simple manner, with a consistent rules set that is easily hackable and adaptable as desired.

What is this game?

Warlock is a tabletop roleplaying game, played with pencils, paper and dice. The implied setting is a fantasy world in a vast Kingdom of man. Beset on all sides by enemies, both without and within, the players control characters struggling to survive in a fantastic world. So thematically, Warlock is a fantasy game of perilous adventure. However Warlock does not contain lots of explicit setting information, so you can use it with your favourite published or home-made settings. Instead Warlock aims to give you a simple and concise set of rules that you can shape as you need.

This is the same base text as the original Platinum selling edition, here:

There have been some minor changes listed below, but these have been updated to both versions of the game, so no matter if you have this one or the original edition, the rules are functionally the same:

1) Small changes to the wording in a couple of places for clarity.
2) Your career skill is now equal in value to the lowest skill that your career grants, rather than the average.
3) You roll 1d6 on the critical tables + negative stamina, not 2d6 (this is to make the probabilities work and the game slightly less dangerous).
4) Blast, Foulness and Sleep spells have had their stamina cost reduced by one.

All content for the original Warlock! is 100% compatible with the Traitor’s Edition!


  1. Guys, I need your help!
    Im from Russia and since the war broke out I cannot buy anything online because of sanctions and our credit cards being blocked. Im absolutely against the war, but we cant do much right now.

    Im a huge fan of OSR gaming (Shadowdark, Five Torches Deep, Mothership, OSE – you name it) and WFRP – i even have my own overhaul of the combat rules for 2e

    Recently i discovered Warlock game and it its basically the ideal system for my table – Warhammer smashed with OSR rules! Warpstar is also absolutely great!
    But i simply cannot buy any of it, so I humbly ask if you, Fire Ruby Designs could send me just the pdf of the rulebooks?

    I will highly appreciate this and will buy it (and any pdf you send me) later as soon as possible!

    • Reach out to Fire Ruby Designs. You never know.


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