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Warlord Games Releases New ‘Judge Dredd’ Miniatures

Warlord Games continues to release plenty of figures to add to your Judge Dredd Miniatures Game collection and three new minis arrive with the Zombie Mistress, Zombie Judge, and Robodoc ready to hit your table.

From Warlord:

Zombie Mistress – Calling upon dark powers, the Zombie Mistress can raise the dead and command them to fulfil her every whim. Complete with terrible psychic powers, the Zombie Mistress and her horde can keep the Justice Department off balance for weeks.

Zombie Judge – 

Freshly risen from their graves by the Zombie Mistress, these zombies are enslaved to the will of another, knowing no fear or desire. They form an almost permanent source of manpower as it takes a great deal of damage to truly destroy a zombie.

This unfortunate judge was killed in the line of duty and is now under the power of the Zombie Mistress.

Robodoc – 

A staple of the hospitals in Mega-City One, a Robodoc can be worth its weight in Umpty Candy to a gang who finds it has injured members but cannot go to official medical facilities.

A good Robodoc is invaluable to forces who operate outside the Law.

Jeff McAleer

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