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Warlord Games Shipping Bolt Action Rules Early

Warlord Games has great news for folks who preordered the Bolt Action rule book to go along with their award winning series of WWII miniatures… And this is something you don’t hear from game companies too often…

Bolt Action pre-orders shipped early! Woot! I have my copy right here and it’s an excellent piece of work from Warlord and Osprey Publishing.

From Warlord:

As part of our commitment to support key wargames shows between now and the official launch date of 20th September we’ve managed get hold of a few hundred advance copies of the rulebook from our mates at Osprey Publishing – they are the book’s publishers and guardians of the sacred release dates after all. This means that we can send out pre-orders to those who have already committed to Bolt Action by placing a pre-order. We really appreciate those of you who have confidence in Warlord Games and Osprey Publishing to place a pre-order – we love you! On the other hand, those of you who haven’t voted with your feet yet are going to have to wait a while longer…

We expect pre-orders to be sent out some time next week although it may be a few days longer than that – we’ll send them on their way just as soon as we can. Of course, you’ll also be receiving your free ‘Never Surrender!’ miniature as part of your pre-order.

We mentioned that we will be supporting set shows by having the rulebook (again in limited quantities) on sale. these shows are Historicon in Fredericksburg, Virginia on 19th-22nd July (on the Osprey stand only), Gen Con in Indianapolis on 16th-19th August and Operation Market Garden at the Sheraton Hotel and Reed Centre, Oklahoma City on 25th August. Get to the Osprey or Warlord stands as early as you can – these books are going to fly off the shelves.


Jeff McAleer

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