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Wastes of Chaos for 5E Kickstarter Hits Kickstarter Funding in First Two Hours

Wastes of Chaos Kickstarter (Kobold Press)Earlier today Kobold Press launched their latest 5E Kickstarter and these books will focus on the Wastes of Chaos. Up for crowdfunding are both the setting supplement Wastes of Chaos and the adventure tome Tales from the Wastes. The project funded in the first couple of hours and you can score a copy of the setting book in hardcover for a $49.00 pledge or get it digitally for a $29.00 pledge. You can score both titles in hardcover for an $89.00 pledge (or digitally for a $39.00 pledge) through October 7th. Expected delivery is July of next year.

About the project:

Venture beyond the civilized lands, into the howling badlands where the Cult of the Black Goat does as it pleases and where ancient constructs lie just under a thin layer of dust. There you may find great riches, ancient magic, and a swift death. Welcome to the wastelands for 5th Edition!

Wastes of Chaos and Tales from the Wastes present the strongholds of chaos, the secrets of the Doombringers, the vile Cult of the Black Goat, and the maddening magic of chaos in a complete package—the better to make your 5th Edition game echo with alien screams, goblin war cries, and the chanting that human throats were never meant to sing. 

Whether you are running an established setting or working with an original or homebrew setting, Wastes of Chaos adds danger, chaos, and epic locations, creatures, and magic to any campaign.

In addition to the 192-page Wastes of Chaos hardcover and PDF editions, this Kickstarter will fund the creation of the 128-page Tales from the Wastes hardcover and PDF of 12+ standalone adventures for levels 1 to 12, as well as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Shard Tabletop editions for digital play that include those maps with all the monsters and NPCs. And those page counts grow every time we hit some stretch goals!

Jeff McAleer

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