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Wicked Ones: Undead Awakening is Available in PDF

Wicked Ones: Undead Awakening (Bandit Camp)A new expansion has arrived for the Wicked Ones roleplaying game from Bandit Camp. Join the ranks of the living but not living in Undead Awakening. The supplement includes all you’ll need to lead vicious raids in your campaign against the living. The 76 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $15.00. You do need to core rules to use this book.

About the supplement:

UNDEAD AWAKENING is an expansion for Wicked Ones, an entirely new game built on the original’s monstrous foundation. Not tied to a dungeon, you instead take on the role of powerful, rotting undead who raise an undead horde to terrorize the living and spread evil across the land. You play out horror movie moments, leaning into classic tropes as you terrorize your victims and play to find out what’s brought your undead scourge against the land.

● The Undead Conquest: Leave the dungeon behind, waging war against humanity in this new game mode. Raid your enemies in an aggressive 4 – 6 session campaign arc and grow in power along three domains: Corruption, Horde, and Horror.
● Conquest phase: Zoom the game way out and focus on the overall ebb and flow of the war against humanity and the struggles along your domain fronts.
● Conquest moves: Take action as your PC during this zoomed out mode, choosing where you can make the most impact each conquest phase.
● Flexible Campaign Themes: Spread undeath across a broad range of settings that you choose and define, like an isolated fantasy town, a bustling modern metropolis, or a post apocalyptic wasteland. The mechanics flexibly handle these genre shifts. Three sandbox maps, covered below, are included in the new expanded content!
● The Candle: The awakening grows in power with time, but is also a race against it as you slowly rot away. The candle represents this struggle against time. As it finally burns out, the Final Conquest ensues and the fate of humanity is decided.
● 6 Undead callings: New undead archetypes, each with a list of unique abilities that focus on what makes that type of undead truly horrifying and fill the players’ inspiration for gory ideas for their PCs.
● 3 Undead Impulses: Unlike normal monsters, the undead share the same impulses – they Hunger for flesh, get caught up in Reverie of their past lives, and can’t help but Torment their enemies.
● 2 New Actions: Interaction with the undead in your charge is covered by Command, while Horrify is a measure of how well you can terrorize humanity.
● Anatomy & Secretions: Included alongside Gear & Supply, some undead just don’t have items. These give you the choice to fill your gear spots with grotesque body parts and disgusting goo instead.
● Type: Each undead has different magical characteristics and themes apart from their necrotic nature, such as demonic, fungal, or otherworldly. They help theme your undead and give a bit more personality beyond just a bag of rotting meat – I mean, unless that’s what you want to be. A PC’s type also serves as a magic focus that you can Invoke spells of.
● Resurrection: Death is not the end! If destroyed, return as a simple looking for a brain to munch on to regain your true form or be ritually summoned back to unlife by your allies. Each time you are resurrected, you grow in strength – but more of your physical husk rots away.
● Cross-compatibility with Wicked Ones: Bring undead callings into a Wicked Ones dungeon or a monstrous calling can join the undead horde!
● The Hive (primal monster): An insidious undead amalgamation that inhabits and controls the minds of several different minions. You can jump to new hosts, taking on additional forms, and even combining hosts into a terrifying rampage form.
● Moonlit Kingdom (sandbox map): A Doom campaign pitting the undead hordes against the most typical of fantasy kingdoms – hamlets, villages, castles, and all!
● Anomaly Event (sandbox map): A Corruption campaign theme focusing on a ship illegally tethered to an asteroid, harvesting dangerous materials – and uncovering something ancient, horrible, and best left hidden.
● The Mall of the Future (sandbox map): A Madness campaign theme featuring a typical mall filled with all the stores you’d expect and points of interest in the suburbia around it.

Jeff McAleer

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