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Netflix Invites You to Get ‘Lost in Space’ April 13th

Lost in Space 2018 (Netflix)Earlier today Netflix revealed the a teaser for the upcoming reboot of the classic 1960’s science fiction show Lost in Space. It looks from the trailer that this will be played straight (as the first season of the original show was) as opposed to veering off into campy territory. The new series stars Ignacio Serricchio, Parker Posey, Molly Parker, Mina Sundwall, Max Jenkins, Taylor Russell, and Toby Stephens. I’m sure the interwebs are already going nuts in what seems to be a shift in gender dynamics from the original – Posey portrays Dr. Smith is a prime example – but Ill be very interested in checking Lost in Space on when all ten episodes land April 13th.

From Netflix:

The year is 2046. A Mother Ship containing a number of Jupiter Class Colony Ships are on their way to colonize a distant planet when they are attacked and, after passing through a rip in space-time, some of the Jupiter Ships crash-down on an unknown alien world. The Robinson Family on the Jupiter 2 must struggle to survive while reuniting with the other Jupiter colony ships, face-off with human and non-human adversaries as well as other situations they encounter in their new environment while traversing the alien terrain in their Chariot vehicles.

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