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Ancestree (Calliope Games)Title: Ancestree

Publisher: Calliope Games

Designer: Eric M. Lang

Artists: Larry Elmore and Adelheid Zimmerman

Year: 2017

Genre: Light tile drafting and placement game

Players: Two to six players

Ages: 8+

Playtime: Around 20 minutes

MSRP: $30.00

Today, I review the family friendly tile drafting title Ancestree from Calliope Games. Plus the latest news from Ares Games, Grail Games, Looney Labs, Fat Dragon Games, and more!

Quick note: The bad news I received an hour before the stream really threw off my game. I have no clue why it popped into my head that there was only one image for each male and female in a family, in Ancestree, as there are three. They are very similar but, none the less, there is a bit more variety to the art although I’d have still liked to have seen more.

01:08 Show open
04:55 News of the day
20:30 Ancestree review

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Ancestree accomplishes what it sets out to do very nicely. Players can easily learn the rules in about ten minutes and the game play allows for some different approaches to victory. Even with six players, the game moves along at a steady clip. The only issues I have are 1) the two player game is a fairly bland (as with most drafting games) and 2) Ancestree would certainly be much more aesthetically pleasing if it wasn't a bit lacking in artwork variety.
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