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Delta Green: Ex Oblivione (Arc Dream Publishing)Title: Delta Green – Ex Oblivione

Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing

Author: Dennis Detwiller

Artist: Dennis Detwiller

Year: 2019

Genre: Modern Mythos horror roleplaying adventure

Pages: 30

Price: $4.99 in PDF at DriveThruRPG

I share my review of the Delta Green adventure Ex Oblivione and take a first look at the Need to Know quickstart and screen, both from Arc Dream Publishing. Plus a wee bit of gaming news from Flying Pig Games, Ubisoft, Chaosium Inc, Versus Evil, Dias Ex Machina, and more.

8:40 Gaming news of the day
40:00 Paging through and reviewing Delta Green: Ex Oblivione
1:08:35 A first look at Delta Green: Need to Know

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Ex Oblivione starts off extremely promising and I especially love the tie in with The Shadow Over Innsmounth. In fact, the adventure is top notch up until the Agents arrive in the Arizona town of Mustang. At this point, the wheels fall right off a as the climax seems almost played out as violence for the sake of violence; the players don't really have any recourse as the finale seems set in stone. The ending just seems slapped on, with little real gameable info for the Game Master to flesh out concerning the massacre, with the end game for the players to simply survive while hundreds of townfolk are slain. That might work in a horror movie but I just can't see many players enjoying that as part of an ongoing RPG campaign.
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