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Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual (Paizo Inc)Title: Starfinder – Galaxy Exploration Manual

Publisher: Paizo Inc

Authors: Kate Baker, Jessica Catalan, John Compton, John Curtin, Alexi Greer, Sasha Laranoa Harving, Joan Hong, Jason Keeley, Chris Lambertz, Robert G. McCreary, Andrew Mullen, Adrian Ng, Emily Parks, Joe Pasini, Samantha Phelan, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Mikhail Rekun, Jessica Redekop, James Rodehaver, Simone D. Sallé, Shahreena Shahrani, Chris S. Sims, Abigail Slater, Kendra Leigh Speedling, and Jason Tondro

Artists: Numerous

Year: 2021

Genre: Starfinder science fantasy roleplaying supplement

Pages: 260 pages

MSRP: $39.99 in hardcover or $9.99 in PDF

I kick back to review the Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual from Paizo Inc. Is this supplement chock full of useful options for both players and Game Masters alike? Or is this tome overflowing with esoteric information only a handful of GMs will find useful? You’ll find out!

01:36 Taking a look at and discussing the Galaxy Exploration Manual
14:18 Final thoughts and the review score

0 VISITORS' SCORE (0 votes)
The Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual is loaded with a lot of useful options and info for a variety of players and GMs. That said, the book is going to be far more aimed at Game Masters who create their own adventures than those who only run published Starfinder adventure paths. This is also a book which is fine if only your group's GM has a copy. I can say if you're up in the air about picking this up, just grab the PDF since it's very attractively priced at less than ten bucks.
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