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Thunderstone Quest (AEG)Title: Thunderstone Quest

Publisher: AEG

Designers: Mike Elliott, Bryan Reese, and Mark Wootton

Artists: Rodger B. MacGowan

Year: 2018

Genre: Fantasy deckbuilding game

Players: Two to four players

Ages: 14+

Playtime: 60 to 90 minutes

MSRP: $79.99

Kick back as today I devote the entire show to how to play Thunderstone Quest, from Alderac Entertainment Group, as well as my review.

Note: It seems like YouTube is doing their patented “the steam’s over an hour so it’ll take a few days to completely render” as the current video is missing about 14 minutes mid-show. Usually this takes 48 hours to sync correctly.

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As someone who has been a longtime fan of Thunderstone I can say this new edition is excellent. There's plenty new including various adventures, unique treasures, dungeon rooms, no more light mechanic, and more. If you found the first edition of the game to be a bit hard to figure out, Thunderstone Quest is very easy to pick up and play. As good as Thunderstone Advance was this is even better. A must have for fans of the series and newcomers alike. My only ding is with four players the game does take a bit long to play.
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  1. I just discovered Thunderstone recently and yesterday received five games of Thunderstone Advance and its expansions (used from BGG Marketplace, of course!). Great, great deck-building game and I can’t wait to jump into it with the group. The new Quest version looks awesome as well ….. so maybe soon I’ll have to bite. : )

    • Thunderstone Advance really improved how easy it was to actually get into the game without jumping back and forth through a rulebook, scratching your head all along the way. The original Thunderstone was a bear to grapple with as far as the rules, that’s for sure. This new edition is excellent and we’ve had a blast in it. I love how you can play along through different chapters of a quest for a more narrative experience or just approach Thunderstone as a traditional deckbuilder with random heroes, equipment, spells, monsters, etc.


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