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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Save Big with the Apocalypse 5 Bundle of Holding

Last Fleet (Black Armada)Bundle of Holding has a new money saving offer featuring roleplaying games Powered by the Apocalypse Engine. This Apocalypse 5 offer includes nine RPG PDFs at the current threshold price of $30.10. These savings run through October 10th and ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) will be donated to this offer’s pandemic-related charity, Direct Relief.

About the bundle:

Adventurer! This Apocalypse Engine 5 Bundle is our fifth offer of tabletop roleplaying games Powered by the Apocalypse – that is, based on Vincent and Meguey Baker’s landmark indie RPG Apocalypse World. Since our last Apocalyptic offer in May 2020, new PbtA games have hit the hobby with great success. For just US$9.95 you get all five complete games in our Starter Collection (retail value $46) as DRM-free ebooks:

  • Last Fleet (Black Armada): Shepherd a ragtag group of human survivors across deep space, pursued by an implacable enemy.
  • Pigsmoke: An RPG of Sorcerous Academia (Certain Death): Behind-the-scenes rivalries at a prestigious wizarding school.
  • Three “ashcan” (preview) editions of forthcoming Magpie Games RPGs: Crossroads Carnival: One Night Only Edition, Passing, and Rapscallion.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $30.10, you’ll level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with five more games and supplements worth an additional $67.50:

  • The Between (Gauntlet Publishing): Monster-hunting in Victorian London designed by Jason Cordova (Brindlewood Bay), inspired by Penny Dreadful. Includes The Between – Season 2 expansion.
  • Hearts of Wulin (Gauntlet Publishing): Fantastic wuxia martial-arts action and melodrama in ancient China.
  • Voidheart Symphony (UFO Press): Desperate people with occult powers fighting tyrants in an otherworldly nightmare castle. By Minerva McJanda (Legacy: Life Among the Ruins).
  • Bite Marks (Black Armada): Delicate (and often bloody) family dynamics among a pack of werewolves.
Jeff McAleer

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