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Classic Dungeons & Dragons at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Asmodee Editions

The Daily Dope 415B
Jeff brings you the latest gaming news from Asmodee Editions, Epic Games, Chaosium Inc, Devolver Digital, Cubicle 7 Entertainment, and more.…
Imagineers (Asmodee Editions/Maple Games)
Asmodee Editions and Maple Games have teamed for an amusement park building game.…
The Daily Dope 394 Box
Join Jeff for the latest tabletop gaming news from Grey Fox Games, Modiphius Entertainment, Adventure a Week Games, Asmodee Editions, Bundle of Holding, Epic Games, Osprey Games, and more.…
Legendary Inventors (Asmodee Editions)
You can now gather together the greatest minds in history to concoct amazing creations in Legendary Inventors.…
Lewis & Clark: The Expedition
Ludonaute has a new title arriving (it's actually the second edition but few people got their hands on the first) which will provide gamers a look into the challenges faced by Lewis and Clark's Corp of Discovery. Designed for one to five players, in the aptly titled Lewis & Clark: The Expedition…
Expedition: Northwest Passage
Our friends at Asmodee Editions have a few titles arriving this month and one which has my interest peaked is Expedition: Northwest Passage. In this Yves Tourigny design, two to four players will look to be the first to find the famed Northwest Passage through an arctic wasteland. The title will be …
If you just can't get enough of giant monsters causing havoc as they smash through a metropolis, you'll very likely want to check out Rampage when it arrives in November from Asmodee Editions. Designed for two to four players, each will control a monster trashing buildings and gulping down citizens.…
Asmodee Editions will premiere their newest card game Mascarade at this year's Gen Con. The game is designed for two to thirteen players ages ten and up. Mascarade is a game of bluffing as players take on the roles of an ever changing cast of characters. The Bruno Faidutti designed title will be ava…
One of the most popular Asmodee Editions titles is Formula D and a new expansion brings two new tracks to play, bringing the total number available to ten. Included in Formula D: Circuits 4 are the Grand Prix of Baltimore track here in the U.S., and the fast track of Buddh, India.The reported MS…
From Asmodee Editions comes Timeline: Diversity, now available at a retail price of $14.99The invention of the tank, the 1st appearance of a Superhero, and the invention of the coffee maker… Can you put all these events correctly on the timeline? With Timeline, learn the answer to this question …
Eclipse Rise of the Ancients
Eclipse is one of the more popular titles from Asmodee Editions and come December 19th you'll be able to get your hands on the new expansion: Rise of the Ancients. There's loads of new items included as well as the ability to expand the game to seven to nine players! The MSRP for the expansion is $4…
A Few Acres of Snow
The popular deck building/area control wargame featuring the French and Indian Wars, A Few Acres of Snow will be seeing a second edition early next year as the Martin Wallace designed title moves from Mayfair Games to Asmodee Editions. This new agreement was finalized between the designer and Asmode…
I'll have to ask Elliott if this can be considered a "Spooky Wednesday" post but, as we reported months back, a sequel to the out of print Mall of Horror has been in development and City of Horror now has a release date ...or month at least. October will bring the latest in zombie gaming to your tab…
Noah from Asmodee Editions should be available any time now. Noah is a family game for ages 8 and up in which you are called upon to move pairs of animals onto smaller boats to be transported to the Ark. The Great Flood is upon us! Asmodee has released more information about this upcoming card game …
It seems as if there's always something cooking north of the border at Asmodee Editions and they've revealed two more titles to their release schedule: a reprint of Werewolves of Miller's Hollow featuring some tweaks and improvements as well as a new kids game called Barbeque Party. Barbeque Party i…
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