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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Chris Taylor

Moonbase Alpha (Victory Point Games)
Jeff reviews the economically driven lunar wargame Moonbase Alpha from Victory Point Games.…
Overall, Zombies vs. Aliens isn’t a bad game. It’s an interesting concept and not difficult to play once I thoroughly read through the rules. The game is probably a good one to take and play on a summer trip, or overnight business, but I’m not sure you’ll come back to it again and again once you’re …
Aliens? Zombies? Who will win? Well, it looks as if humanity has lost and now invaders from space and undead legions will duke it out for the planet Earth! Aliens vs. Zombies is the latest Chris Taylor design released by Victory Point Games. This low complexity two player game can be completed in un…
Chris Taylor has a new title available from our pals at Victory Point Games. Moonbase Alpha pits two players against each other in a retro science fiction style game of lunar conquest. Each player leads a corporation with much to gain and, possibly, much more to lose by controlling the moon and her …
Legions of Darkness (Victory Point Games)
Legions of Darkness, a States of Siege series game designed by Chris Taylor, puts the player in charge of the defenses of a castle besieged by monsters.…
Elliott reviews the light solitaire Cold War wargame Toe-to-Toe: Nu’klr Combat with the Rooskies from Victory Point Games.…
Final Frontier (Victory Point Games)
Elliott shares his review of the Trek inspired Final Frontier board game, available now from Victory Point Games.…
Jeff takes on Chris Taylor's latest Victory Point Game design, Nemo's War.…

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