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Dimension X

The Gaming Gang Spooktacular 2022 10-07 Dimension X Mars is Heaven
Turn out the lights and sit back to give a listen to Mars is Heaven from Dimension X as it aired on January 7, 1951.…
TGG Spooktacular 2021 - Dimension X: Mars is Heaven (1950)
Tonight's story comes from The Martian Chronicles. It's Mars is Heaven as it aired on Dimension X July 7th, 1950.…
Halloween Spooktacular Nightmare
Mankind has utilized machines for hundreds of years and has always been the masters of their mechanizations. Yet, what if some day that wasn't the case?…
Halloween Spooktacular Dr. Grimshaw's Sanitorium
Kick back and enjoy a scary tale of a mad scientist as it aired on Dimension X on September 22nd, 1950.…
Spooktacular 2017 Dimension X: Kaleidoscope
Let's kick off our annual Spooktacular with a science fiction tale from one of the greats: Ray Bradbury.…
Dimension X: The Veldt
We hear from the pen of Ray Bradbury once again on one of the first science fiction programs to make a bow on radio, Dimension X. While a lot of episodes of Dimension X went a bit overboard with heavy handed moralizing, every once in a while you’d hear a tale which was aimed more toward giving you a…
As I mentioned in the latest notes, I'm a fan of old time radio shows (and new time audio shows too!) and every Friday I'm going to share a couple of programs for our visitors to enjoy. The main focus is on chills and thrills which I think might help gamers out there (those playing RPGs especially) …

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