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Dragonlance at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Dungeon Master’s Guild

The Sunken Village of Little Corth Feat
Author Dylan Hyatt has released a new adventure for low level D&D characters through Dungeon Masters Guild, The Sunken Village of Little Corth.…
Home-Field Advantage 5E (DMs Guild)
Burning up the sales charts on the Dungeon Masters Guild is Home-Field Advantage for Dungeons & Dragons.…
Thay: Land of the Red Wizards (Dungeon Masters Guild)
A new Forgotten Realms 5E Thay sourcebook penned by Ed Greenwood, Alex Kammer, & Alan Patrick is available from Dungeon Masters Guild.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch 756
Jeff takes a first look at Tiny Epic Pirates, and its Curse of Amdiak expansion, from Gamelyn Games. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news.…
Archvillain Archive (DMs Guild)
If you're looking to spice up the big bads in your 5E D&D campaigns then look no further than the Archvillain Archive.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch 753
Jeff takes first looks and pages through the RPG adventures Hideous Daylight and Temple of 1000 Swords from Swordlords Publishing.…
Monster Hunts Weekly #31 (Grim Press)
Each issue of Monster Hunts Weekly is packed with new monsters, magic, gear, encounters, and more for 5E Fantasy Grounds.…
Campaign Guide: Zakhara - Adventures in the Land of Fate (DMs Guild)
Zakhara - Adventures in the Land of Fate takes DMs and players into a Middle-Eastern flavored setting filled with magical adventure.…
The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse (The Arcane Library)
The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse will see the player characters investigate a mysterious sea monster terrorizing shipping near the lighthouse's harbor.…
Player Primer Icewind Dale Cover
Now available from authors Steven Pankotai and Sadie Lowry, at Dungeon Masters Guild, is the D&D Player Primer: Icewind Dale.…
The Daily Dope 549
Jeff brings you fresh tabletop gaming news from Funko Games, Tiny Battle Publishing, Lay Waste Games, Dungeon Masters Guild, Open Ended Games, and more!…
Exploring Eberron (DMs Guild)
In Exploring Eberron, Keith Baker - the setting creator - takes gamers on a deep dive into the world and it's environs.…
Dino World (DMs Guild)
In Dino World, written by Celeste Conowitch, the characters will explore an abandoned Eberron dinosaur theme park.…
The Daily Dope 536
Jeff shares the latest news from Sinister Fish Games, Canvas Temple Publishing, Ankama Games, Dungeon Masters Guild, Free League Publishing, and more!…
Dungeons & Dragons Aboleth (Wizards of the Coast)
In D&D Adventurers League: Eye of Xxiphu, the PCs continue to race a number of factions to obtain the titular artifact before it falls into the wrong hands.…

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